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WebSpeedy CMS

it is a new light cms designed to run on low-power servers

Why WebSpeedy ?

- it's very light and fast.

- it's easy and intuitive to use.

- use a double cascade templates master and body.

- a different body template for every page with editable.

- configurable editable contents with an intuitive interface.

- support the multi language contents (5 languages).

- automatic translate the contents (with bing).

- integrated user management with permisions on forms nd menù

- support the input fields with email data sending.

- native support for paging and searching (for e-commerce).

- pay pal field. (experimental)

- native support for google maps field


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The ECO friendly server

Web Speedy is hosted on a low power (about 0.5 Watt) and passive cooling servers.

Try WebSpeedy Demo !!

To enter in the edit mode you must login
with an administrator user:

User: demo
Paasword: demo

In edit mode you can see the edit menubar,
move th emouse to the left of screen to activate it.

Press the top button to switch to edit mode.

Now you can see the tempate format and the modifcable areas.

Click on the smal button of any areas to edit it.

Click down here to start the tour:

<< Click here >>